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Clasola Miss Maple 9Morganite) May 05, 2022
We have carried out a repeat mating with Morgan hopefully pups will appear late June ... [MORE]

Clasola Miss Maple (Morganite) June 14, 2021
Morgan produced 6 beautiful pups all fit well and healthy in their new homes ... [MORE]

Mali (Clasola Meridiana) February 20, 2019
Mali will be in season soon and be providing us with another litter. Fun Times Ahead ... [MORE]

Sad News June 11, 2018
Sadly Sarah Moxen passed away recently and was buried today. Sarah was a great champion of our breed who always made room in her life for a rescue ... [MORE]

Braque d'Auvergne. Club uk June 23, 2015
I recently helped out at a Fun Day for the Braque d'Auvergne Club organised by Lori Dempster. The weather was great the emphasis was on fun, and it... [MORE]

Sally and Vita what a Team September 30, 2013
Our congratulations to Sally Baker and Vita they have done it again. Soon be playing in the Premier League now. ... [MORE]

Our congratulations to Lisa Baker who has just guided "Minx" through her first GWT. Close to Top marks in all but the swimming but that will come.&... [MORE]