A well-trained dog is a pleasure to be around, an unruly dog is a pain in the neck.

The breed, size or type of dog is totally irrelevant don't kid yourself they all need training.

With a Weimaraner it is essential that they are well-trained or they will change from that beautiful blue-eyed bundle into the pet from hell faster than you can blink.

Following our involvement with Weimaraner Rescue and Re-homing Service we began our training classes primarily to help those re-homing a Weimaraner and try to aid those who are struggling but want to keep their Weimaraner.

Since those early days our classes have expanded, now we have a Basic/beginners class and an Advanced class.

We also now have all breeds (mainly Rescue dogs) varying from Jack Russel crosses, GSD's, Rottweiler, Labrador's, Spaniel's and of course the HPR's, Wei's and GSP's.

We train alternate Sundays beginning at 9.00am for the Beginners and 10.30 for the Advanced class.

If you are interested in our training classes or 1 to 1 training please contact us for further information.

Training has resumed Fortnightly on Sunday mornings from April 4th 



A recent Shot Over Training Day for the H.W.V Club 


A Shot Over Training day for the W.C.G.B. South East

Two really enjoyable days spent in the company of some great people and dogs. Thanks to all those who took part.